Hi, my name is Theo Cosmora and I’m a social entrepreneur developing technology and inclusive business models for good solutions.

I believe the evolution and development of the Internet as an outer connectivity, information and development technology is facilitating and accelerating increased awareness of a far greater and much more important inner technology within Humanity.

Content on this site is compiled with quotes from some of the greatest minds that have ever walked our planet and breathed our air. 

Historical belief systems, forces within society and our own at times fear-induced self limitations have distracted people from their true nature and purpose. With constant distraction and focus on the outer, I believe people have lost always-on connectivity to a Universal inner potential and no longer know themselves or why they are here. Many of these quotes support this possibility.

Imagine now you have experienced constant mobile Internet,
Suddenly being disconnected for millennia.
This is a spec compared to Humanity’s disconnection from the Inner.
Can we rediscover our paradise lost by conscious connection via the Internet?
– Wisdom of the Ages

As a former Decathlon Champion and former sportsman in many disciplines, I gained deep experience of the holistic, personal development and self-realization benefits of physical training, visualization and belief on mind, body and spirit.

The age old philosophy that there is no greater journey than the journey within fascinates me.  As a result this site’s content reflects this inner journey and explores how it helps us better know ourselves, realize our potential and help others realize their potential. Once we can make sense of everything around us and know our purpose – our journey in this world becomes clearer.

I once thought of writing a book to have been names Infinite Speed, the cover of which is shown below. The illustration on the cover is an artist’s professional rendition of a drawing I made of one of my “infinite within” experiences, this one when I was 22 years old and which I refer to as an ” inner light big bang experience “.  Infinite Speed – by my definition being “everywhere at once instantly always”, was the only way to accurately describe our real nature at our Core and Source, of unbelievable, brilliant light and unimaginable perfect love everywhere at once, instantly, always.

Among the quotes in this site’s Knowing Ourselves page, I include many gems from great minds that have graced this world.  I mention two here, Plato’s – the most exalting, and St Augustine’s – perhaps the most tragic, knowing Human potential. In this context, if only Humanity knew itself. What a world this would be.

“At last, in a flash, understanding blazes up, and the mind, as it exerts all its powers to the limit of human capacity, is flooded with light.”
– Plato

People travel to wonder at the height of mountains,
at the huge waves of the sea, at the long courses of rivers,
at the vast compass of the ocean, at the circular motion of the stars;
and they pass by themselves without wondering.
– St. Augustine

I showed the image above to a close friend who told me it reminded her of Indra’s Net and that I should this collective potential with the world. Never having heard of Indra’s Net, I looked it up, instantly realized the significance and found many illustrations, among them this below:

What ever your path and vocation, I hope you can activate the supreme energy that lies within you and you become empowered to realize your Universal Self.

Theo Cosmora